Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am not paying 50 bucks to know Victoria's Secret

No Way.
Not Ever.

        Alright ladies, for some reason, in the past few years we've freaked out over clothes with a little PINK dog in the corner and instead of buying our sweatpants and frumpy clothes at Walmart like a normal person. We see the PINK dog...we see $42.50 on the price tag...and WE. STILL. GO. TO. CHECKOUT. I'm sorry but, what is wrong with you!? They're sweat pants! They're adorable and awesome and cozy, yes, but they are still basically the next-to-most frumpy article of clothing a girl can wear next to a moo-moo. You shouldn't spend an outrageous amount of money on such a thing.  Now I'm a college student, I'm up all night studying, and up early to go to class, getting "ready" in the morning was cute idea...freshman year. But realistically, as a senior, I'm pressing snooze till 7:50, I'm going to roll out of bed, and ponder "hmmm....what sweats am I gonna wear today?"
        Now I have always liked Victoria's secret, but could  never rationalize buying anything PINK for what they were asking in the store. Then one faithful day at the swapmeet I came across a clothes pile with not one, but two pairs of these PINK sweats.  I snatched them up of course, looked through the rest of the pile and then nonchalantly made my inquiry about the price (vendors will most likely give you a deal if you've got more in your hand, so I typically don't just buy single items) To my surprise the vendor said my two favorite words...."50 cents" 50 CENTS PEOPLE! The history.  I realized that if I could get two pairs of these super expensive sweats for 50 cents a piece...there's got to be more out there. 
So here is my pride and joy of all my thrifting: Thrifty Little Z's Victoria's Secret Collection :)

Here are the two that started it all :)
VS Signature Crop Pant

Retail Price: $39.50 each
eBay Price: $25-35.00
What I Paid: $1.00 total (50 cents each)

VS PINK Sweatpants, various lengths: full, crop, and shorts
I got 8 of these pairs for 50 cents each (these I got at either the swapmeet or a yard sale)
The other's I paid 2.99 or 3.99 each (these I got at the Salvation army or the Goowill, I got one of the blue one's while on vacation in Santa Rosa, CA at a Hospice/Hospital thrift store
{always looking for a chance to thrift}
Retail Price: $627.50 (prices differ between lengths)
eBay Price:  $450 + shipping
Price I paid: $28.50




VS PINK Shirts and Tanks
[I got these at the Salvation Army and the Goodwill]
Retail Price: $338[tanks range from $22.50-29.50] [tees range from $22.50-29.50]
eBay Price:$234 [$12-22 each + shipping]
Price I Paid: $38.87 [ $2.99 or $3.99 each]



VS PINK pajama pants and shorts
Retail Price:  $168 [$28-69.50 their pajamas usually come in sets, except for sleep shirts]
eBay Price:  $120 [$12-30 + shipping]
Price I Paid: $17.94  [$2.99 each, all found at Goodwill]
VS PINK Yoga Pants
[the first two were found at the Salvation Army, the last one at the Goodwill]
Retail Price: $118.50 [$39.50 each]
eBay Price: $72 [$22-27.44 + shipping]
Price I Paid: 14.97 [$4.99 each]
VS Pink Running Shorts
Retail Price:  $34-44.50
eBay Price: $13-24 + shipping
Price I Paid: $2.99 [found at Goodwill]


+1 one I forgot to take a pic - oops!
VS Pink Hoodie's/Zip-ups
Retail Price:$294 [$36-49.50 each]
eBay Price: $175 [$20-30 each + shipping]
Price I Paid: $27.93[$3.99 each all found at Salvation Army]
VS Pink Luggage/Duffle
Retail Price: $39.50-79.50 depending on size [this is longer/larger than the picture seems]
eBay Price:  $29-40 + shipping
Price I Paid: $4.99 [my little sister found this for me in the very messy luggage section at Goodwill]

VS Pink Roller Luggage (Medium)
Retail Price: $98
ebay Price:$39-99 +shipping [luggage is expensive to ship so I don't look for these on eBay typically]
Price I Paid: $3 at the swapmeet! They asked for five and I walked away and offered me it for $3

VS Pink Lightweight Tote
Retail Price: You can't technically buy these in the store, you usually get them with a minimum
$ amount spent on a PINK purchase
eBay Price: $5-12 + shipping
Price I Paid: $1 each [both found at the swapmeet a week apart!]
VS Tote
Retail Price: $65 [this was a limited edition tote in 2009]
eBay Price: $9.99-44.50 + shipping
Price I Paid: $3 at the salvation army
VS Pink Tote (small)
Retail Price: $19.50
eBay Price:  $5-12 + shipping
Price I Paid: $1 found this at the swapmeet
VS Pink Dogs
Retail Price: Typically cannot buy these, usually free with minimum $ amount spent on PINK
eBay Price: $4-15 each + shipping depending on if its rare or not
Price I Paid: .50-$1.99 (got my first three at a yard sale, the rest I've gotten at the Goodwill)
Total If I paid the Retail Price: $2,073 [yikes!]
Total If I tried my luck on eBay: $1368 + shipping
Total I Paid: $167.59 Boo ya!
This collection is my pride and joy of my thrifting "scores" I love the PINK line, but there's no way I could ever pay full price for any of it, and you shouldn't either! Cancel that VS angels credit card and get out there and hunt!  Be patient thrifters, this was 4 years in the making :) Happy Hunting!
Please leave a comment and feedback or ask questions :) I'm happy to answer


  1. INSANE my friend!!! And to think that I maxed out my VS card about 2 years ago and you probably have waaayyy more VS loot than I do! haha

    1. You have to come thrift with me in SD! we'll make a day of it, even if you come down the hill I've scored some VS locally :-)